Add Two-Time Club Inventor to Phil Mickelson’s Resume
By Stephanie Wei under General

I know what you’re thinking — Phil Mickelson, who launched a crusade against the USGA’s new groove policy earlier this year, created a prototype for a wedge with the same spin and feel as the old square grooves (which are now illegal), but found a way so the specs are consistent with the current regulations. Or something like that. Well, actually, that’s not the case…yet.

The hardcore golf geeks probably know that last year Phil helped design a Callaway hybrid, which he played with at the US Open. Thanks to Reader Frank for pointing out that Callaway filed a second patent titled, “Hybrid Golf Club Head,” this week, listing Phil as an inventor — and he’s the first named, no less. (Does that make him the head inventor?)

As Dave Dawsey, the IP Golf Guy, notes, “Good work Phil! Unfortunately, the club must not have had enough widespread appeal to produce a commercial version.”

So long as it suits Lefty’s needs, then that’s what matters and he’s only one of three Masters champions since 1976 to have a patent to his name. Sure, Tiger has 14 major championships and Nike has implemented his ideas into the design of some clubs, but can he call himself a club inventor? No.