Ryan Moore (Actually) Signs An(other) Endorsement Deal
By Stephanie Wei under General

Call it Ryan Moore’s TRUE calling.

The 27-year-old PGA Tour player continues to take a unique approach to endorsement deals. On Wednesday it was announced that Moore has signed a three-year contract with TRUE linkswear to sport its shoes and committed to invest in the new Dallas-based apparel and footwear company.

Similar to the deal with Scratch Golf, along with wearing TRUE linkswear’s shoes, Moore, famed for playing sponsor-less golf in 2009, is now also a part owner of the company. The terms of the agreement are “undisclosed,” Jeremy Moore, Ryan’s manager and brother, said in a phone interview, but he has signed an endorsement deal — which implies it included a cash payment and performance incentives.

“The last two years I have been looking for footwear that I think gives me an advantage,” Ryan said. “These shoes are the lightest, most comfortable shoes Iʼve worn on the golf course and they really improve my sense of balance and connection with the course.”

Ryan, who will wear the shoes at this week’s Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club in Fort Worth, TX, has been working with his swing coach and best friend, Troy Denton, on footwork issues and creating a more balanced platform.

The new shoes have helped. “[The TRUE linkswear shoe] helps keep you in a better balanced position and closer to the ground,” Jeremy added.

Team Moore has been talking with TRUE linkswear for “a very long period of time,” according to Jeremy. “It’s just been a work in progress through sampling to find a shoe that’s the most comfortable shoe [Ryan’s] ever worn.”

TRUE linkswear also had to brave through Ryan’s test for endorsements: Would he invest in the company?

As Ryan has shown in the past, he only makes commitments with companies that he believes will make him a better golfer as well as provide long-term business opportunities. In other words, he has to trust the relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Additionally, Ryan has been involved with the development of the current prototype of the TRUE shoes, which will hit retail stores in the fall.

“One of the things that’s interesting is that from a tour player level, [Ryan] got to have pretty aggressive insight on the newest release of the shoe,” Jeremy said. “When they were going through the product development phase a few months ago, they took into consideration what he had to say and they implemented it.”

The deal and TRUE shoes sound interesting, right? Of course. Just another example of Ryan being Ryan Moore.

[Photos via TRUE linkswear’s Facebook page]