Rory Sabbatini Married Accordingly
By Stephanie Wei under General

Thanks to Reader Bryan for passing along the link to the screen shot. As you may have heard, last week the nice people at TaylorMade posted a good luck message to Rory Sabbatini on their Facebook page.

Now everyone knows Sabbatini has a bad rap — he’s infamous for his temper and his less-than-sunny personality. Then there’s the whole run-in he had with Ben Crane a few years back. The list of negative Sabbo-stories seems never-ending. Apparently his wife, Amy, is just as explosive and sassy as her husband.

The social media scuffle began when a TaylorMade fan presented his opinion on Sabbatini:

A few comments later, Amy Sabbatini, offered this humorous yet a tad TMI comeback:

Bad visual, but way to step in and defend the hubby. Seriously. I found Amy’s response pretty funny (but she could have left out the “jerk” part). Don even conceded to her fantastic response. But she should have stopped while she was ahead. Several comments later, she shot back with another snipe at a Rory-hater:

Now I’m a tad offended by the jab at the media. The one time I met and briefly chatted with Rory was actually quite pleasant, which dismantled my previously uneducated negative opinion of him. At The Barclays last year during a Tuesday practice round, I was standing on the cart path near the second green and third tee, waiting for Ryan Moore and his group to hit. Rory had putted out and strolled up next to me. To my surprise, he struck up conversation: “Watching golf and texting, huh?” I was caught off guard, but replied, “Actually, I’m tweeting.” (Huge shock!) He asked what I was tweeting about, what I did for a living and responded to my questions about the course.

I was totally bewildered because all the stories I’d heard about Rory were centered around him being a jerk. As I was walking down the fairway with Ryan, I mentioned how Rory started chatting with me and I was baffled how nice he was. I asked, “Isn’t he supposed to be a jerk?” Ryan said he never had any bad experiences with him and has always been nice enough. Similar to Ryan, Rory doesn’t usually go out of his way to be friendly and cheerlead-y — which sometimes comes across as being a prick.

Sure, he complains and grumbles, but all the Tour players do. Rory just isn’t afraid to do it in front of the camera from time to time. I’d rather him stay the way he is than offer the average generic answers most players do. And now we know his wife is as fiery as him. Stay real, guys.

Ah, don’t you love social media?