What Wie Said…And Didn’t Say
By Stephanie Wei under General

[Above, Michelle is about to bomb her drive down the 17th fairway, the last of the match.]

Here are her comments post-loss:

Q: On 13 you made that great chip shot and she made that long putt. Did that change things for you?

Michelle Wie: I just didn’t play that well coming in.

Q: What happened on 15 and 16?

MW: You know, I just didn’t hit good shots there. Sometimes that happens.

Q: It looked like your tee shot on 15 landed in the same spot.

MW: It was a little better. A little improvement.

Q: When she’s constantly hitting it dead straight, fairways and greens, does that make it hard?

MW: If you look at my score, I didn’t play as well as I wanted to. I had a couple bogeys out there and oyu just can’t do that. I missed a couple of putts unfortunately, but now I know what to work on. I’m going to work hard the next two weeks and get ready to win.

You know, I get that it’s an awful feeling to lose and she was frustrated with how she played, but it would have been gracious and polite for her to credit Jiyai’s solid play. I wish she would remember to note that she was just outplayed. No?