Sybase Semifinals: "Three Koreans and Angela Stanford"
By Stephanie Wei under General

Personally, it’s not a big deal to me that the four players left are Jiyai Shin, two Koreans I’d never heard of before (but good news, at least one of them has an American name, so you can pronounce it!) and Angela Stanford. I mean, if I could handpick the final four, I probably wouldn’t have chosen any of them, perhaps with the exception of Jiyai.

In the media room, there was a little bit of grumbling — even from me. We don’t mind that they’re Korean and we enjoy watching them play because they’re damn good. But some of us are hoping we don’t have to write a story on Amy Yang or Sun Young Yoo playing each other in the finals. I know, maybe we’re jerks, but you probably don’t want to read it either. The good thing about being an independent blogger is that I can write whatever the hell I want. Still, I’d prefer Jiyai vs. Stanford in the finals with Jiyai winning the whole thing.

The semifinal matches start at 8:00AM with Angela Stanford playing Amy Yang. Jiyai Shin and Sun Young Yoo are right behind them at 8:08. I’ll be out there bright and early to live-tweet the matches. Okay, I might be lying. I mean, I’ll try…

I’m told the Golf Channel will show highlights of the semifinals, so I think that’s good enough. For some reason, I doubt the interest in live-blog or live-tweets from me during the semis is very high. But if I’m wrong, then let me know and I’ll do it.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Sun Young Yoo’s best finish is at T2 at last year’s P&G Beauty NW Arkansas Championship, where she lost in a three-way playoff to Jiyai. What makes it even more interesting is that Angela Stanford was the third player in the playoff.

Oh, another random stat — Brandon Purdy just informed the remaining people left in the media center (only me and another) that Jiyai hasn’t played the 18th hole this week. Could that work against her? Eh, maybe. But I don’t think she’ll have a problem on 18. She’s so consistent and she’ll have to lay up, anyway.

If I were a betting lady, I’d throw all my money on Shin. I mean, she is the number one player in the world.

[Photo via AFP]