Live From Sybase on Saturday: Wie vs. Shin [Updated]
By Stephanie Wei under General

Alright. This is my attempt to liveblog the Michelle Wie-Jiyai Shin match. Excuse typos. Luckily, I’m riding in the party cart with Christina Kim and her agent, Harry Hardy (yes, that’s really his name). It’s hard to type on the iPad and watch. Or perhaps I’m just not good at multi-tasking. Probably! Well, here goes my best shot (no pun intended).

By the way, I couldn’t find any good pictures of Jiyai from today’s match on Getty, so you’ll have to deal with this crappy photo taken from my crappy camera phone. Again.

4:19: Wie knocks second shot to front edge. Shin is pin high, 15 feet. CK says she’s more dangerous in golf cart than golf club. With a club, I can take out only one person a time.

4:22: Wie’s putt just slips by. Again. CK taking pics with fans.

4:24: This time Shin doesn’t take advantage of opening. Hole is halved. Match all square through 14.

4:25: Waiting for them to tee off on path near 15.  Little girl named Serena is crying. She wants to go home. CK offers a ride. She doesn’t want one. CK says, “I wish I could give her something…and I don’t mean candy because that would just be inappropriate.”

4:30: Old man says to CK, “I love you, Christina. You da bomb!” Fo’ realz.

4:31: Jiyai knocks it on green. Michelle has a downhill awkward stance in the crap — I mean, the fescue — on the left,  But she executes it beautifully just in front of the green. Uh, I wish I could tell you what happened, but CK goes, “I don’t see Jiyai making that.” So, we zoomed to behind green on 16.

4:39: Par-3, 16. Plays about 140 to center of green. Jiyai knocks to pin high, 12 feet. With pressure on Wie to step up, she dumps it into right bunker. But I almost feel like she executes tough shots better than the simple, straightforward ones.

4:52: Having issues with 3G network. Ugh. Stupid AT&T. Jiyai hits a dart on 16 to 12 feet. Oh my. Now, Wie steps up and gets it to 8 feet, just past the pin. Must make situation for Wie…fingers crossed. This could be the match.

4:55: Jiyai’s putt comes up just short. Dude, you gotta get it to the hole. Little boy quietly says, YES!, when Shin missed.

4:57:  That’s the match. Wie misses. Her putt misses the hole by six inches. Damn. She’s gotta at least give it a chance. The girl has so much game, but can’t putt! Jiyai was giving her 3-4 footers, which seemed weird. I’d make her putt out everything.

4:58: She immediately hops into a cart. Her mom is sitting next to her comforting her, I think.

5:03: Before going into clubhouse, Wie still stops to sign autographs for the kids.

Post-match observations/notes:

*My tweets before I decided to attempt live-blogging from CK’s cart (start from the bottom). Perhaps I should just stick to live-tweeting. Apparently my friends on Twitter really liked the second one from the top.

*Even CK was a little shocked by Michelle’s final putt. She quietly said, “It didn’t even hit the hole…” But then her voice trailed off and she left it at that. I think it’s important to note CK was the only player who had lost in the first round that stuck around to cheer on her friends. That’s great sportsmanship. Most players have stomped off the course as quickly as possible. I mean, I get it. But great to see that some can rise above the disappointment of losing to support their fellow players. Could you imagine a PGA Tour player doing that? L-O-Freaking-L. The concept is so ridiculous that it’s funny because, well, it never happens.

*Above, CK shows off her McDonald’s water bottle that Michelle gave to her. No fair! I want one.

*Jiyai Shin’s presser was great. She’s adorable. Very likable. She even made a Korean joke, “Unfortunately, I’m playing again with a Korean.” Yeah. The Golf Channel probably ain’t thrilled that the four players left are three Koreans and Angela Stanford — from a ratings perspective.

*Here’s the link to my “Know Your Asians” profile on Jiyai from last fall.

*Heather Daly-Donofrio, the Director of Player-Media Relations (I think that’s her title) and my former assistant coach at Yale, kindly introduced me to Jiyai and her manager. She was too tired to speak to me after playing two matches, but I’m going to work something out.

*I couldn’t find Yani Tseng, who I was supposed to speak with this week, until she was leaving the course. Naturally. She said she looked for me yesterday. Yeah, those damn car problems. When I asked if she had email, she said with a smile, “Yeah…but I don’t really check it.” At least she’s honest. She’s heading back to Taiwan tomorrow, but she gave me her cell phone number, so I can text her questions. If you didn’t already know, she speaks English pretty well — but I could chat with her in Mandarin, too. Hell, her English is probably better than my Mandarin.