Sybase: Friday Pairings and Player Sound Bites
By Stephanie Wei under General

Hot off the printer. Anyone want to play the bracket game? Drop your picks for each match in the comments section. Mine are the names below in bold.

10:30AM Morgan Pressel vs. Sophie Gustafson

10:40AM Amy Yang vs. Juli Inkster

10:50AM Sandra Gal vs. Haeji Kang

11:00AM Jee Young Lee vs. Shi Hyun Ahn

11:10AM Catriona Matthew vs. Kristy McPherson

11:20AM Ai Miyazato vs. MJ Hur

11:30AM Angela Stanford vs. Pat Hurst

11:40AM Karrie Webb vs. Amanda Blumenherst

11:50AM Inbee Park vs. Maria Hjorth

12:00PM Yani Tseng vs. Candie Kung

12:10PM Song-Hee Kim vs. Momoko Ueda

12:20PM Cristie Kerr vs. Sun Young Yoo

12:30PM Azahara Munoz vs. Beatriz Recari

12:40PM Jiyai Shin vs. Hee-Won Han

12:50PM Eun-Hee Ji vs. Karine Icher

1:00PM Michelle Wie vs. Hee Young Park

Maybe it’s just me, but the only one that really excites me is Recari vs. Munoz and maybe Pressel vs. Gustafson. I like Tseng vs. Kung, too, since they’re the two Taiwanese players in the field. Also interesting to note (especially since people keep bringing up Juli Inkster’s age), Inkster, 49, is matched against Amy Hung, who is a sprightly 30. And Michelle Wie draws crowds wherever she goes, whatever she does.

I am disappointed I missed Cristie Kerr’s press conference. Those are always kinda interesting. This bit caught my eye:

Q: This might sound a little obvious, but is it good to get off to a quick start here to close out matches early, or does it get you in any sort of rhythm.

CRISTIE KERR: It’s a pretty obvious question, yeah. I’m sorry. Yeah, I mean, you want to try and win — you want to win every match 6 & 5. You don’t want to let it go down to the last couple holes because then anything can happen.

Yeah, sorry. I won’t comment. But I’d love if she said, “No, I like to draw it out and play more holes because I enjoy the stress and strain. And I thrive off the idea of possibly choking.”