Live From Sybase [Update]
By Stephanie Wei under General

I’ve been running around the course, but haven’t seen anything too interesting yet. I caught the Blumenherst-Lewis match for two holes. Apparently now it’s heating up. My timing is always impeccable. I wanted to see the Pettersen-Inkster playoff, but I was at the farthest point away from them. I made a run for it. I’m not very fast, though.

I’m opting not to live-blog today because sitting at one hole seemed kinda boring, but that might change as the afternoon matches start to intensify. I’m carrying my iPad around just in case. Instead, I’m going to live-tweet. If you’re not following me already, here’s the link to my Twitter feed.

I’m open to suggestions for matches anyone thinks I should follow. Otherwise, I’m heading out to watch Recari-Lincicome for a bit and then Se Ri-Munoz. Naturally, I want to watch Michelle Wie.

Stay tuned because I might end up live-blogging later.

Update 2:40 PM: Juli Inkster, who upset number 3 seed Suzann Pettersen in 21 holes, was just in the interview room. I’ve always been a fan and respected her, but wow, she has an amazing presence. Some highlights from her comments:

  • “Neither Suzann nor I played our best golf today.”
  • “It’s just match play, it’s weird,” she said as she shook her head.
  • She wasn’t up in the match all day, but sank a birdie putt on the 18th to go to extra holes.
  • On Suzann and her game: “I’m good friends with Suzann, I respect her game. She’s a strong player, hits the ball very well. She didn’t chip as well as usual, which is what hurt her.”
  • On upsetting the number 3 player: “If Suzann and I played 10 matches in a row, she’d probably win seven.”
  • Said she had trouble reading the greens and didn’t make many putts.
  • Asked on when she’ll retire: “Yes, I’m 49. I don’t feel old. I have a great rapport with these girls. I play because I like to play. What else am I going to do? Just go home.” (Amazing.)
  • Someone asked some odd question about whether it was tough in her ripe age to play extra holes. Juli replied, “If I can’t make it through 21 holes, I should quit.”
  • She noted the course “favors bombers,” especially on the par 5s because they can reach them in two.
  • On the usual schedule crap: “We’re very diversified in our membership, but we’re US-based.” By diversified, I think she meant there are lots of Asians from different Asian countries.