Color Me Not-Shocked-at-All: Tiger Commits to British Open
By Stephanie Wei under General

Nice spot by Waggle Room to see Tiger Woods has updated his schedule (quietly) on his website. Previously, Tiger had already committed to the US Open and AT&T National. Now, the Open Championship at St. Andrews has been (quietly) added.

According to various outlets, Tiger did indeed file his entry form for the Open on Monday. But no big surprise, especially because of his past successes at St. Andrews in the 2000 and 2005 Opens, where he won decisively.

He’s also expected to play at the Memorial on June 3-6 as a tune-up for the US Open at Pebble Beach, but he has yet to commit because of a neck injury, which forced him to withdraw from The Players Championship. But an MRI showed that he has an inflamed neck joint and a full recovery is expected. Barring any complications, hopefully he’ll be back in form in time for the Memorial.