Tiger’s Still Game for EA Sports
By Stephanie Wei under General

It’s good to see Tiger can still smile big for the cameras despite, well, you know, everything. A nice PR lady passed along these “Behind the Scenes” pictures from the commercial shoot for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11, which was filmed on Tuesday in Orlando.

Above, Tiger takes a moment to chat with renowned hardass Mike Ditka, who is on the set for some reason. And below, he’s joined by a few other PGA Tour guys that appear in the commercial.

I guess someone made a really funny joke. I mean, those sure are large smiles from Edoardo Molinari, Ian Poulter, that Tiger guy and Rickie Fowler. Also included in the email from nice PR lady was a “Sample Tweet” for me to share:

Tiger Woods is in a new ad! Check out behind-the-scenes pic from the EA SPORTS ad for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 [LINK]

And here’s some info about the game:

This year, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 features one of the most prestigious tournaments in golf, The Ryder Cup. Players will select a team (US or European) and square off in various competition formats to try and bring home The Ryder Cup for their squad.  The game will be available on June 8 on the Wii™, Xbox 360®, PlayStation®3 and iPhone™ platforms.

Rickie Fowler tweeted this picture from the shoot, too. Chest-bump!

This post is brought to you by EA Sports. (I accept check, cash and PayPal. Thanks.)

[Top two photos by Gary Bassing/EA Sports]