Golfer Rescues Beached Whale
By Stephanie Wei under General

“Save the whale, George…for me.”

Remember the Seinfeld episode, where a woman, who George wants to impress, thinks he’s a marine biologist and calls on him to save a beached whale with a Titleist golf ball in its blow hole. Unfortunately, the woman tells him to go to hell after George tells her the truth, but the good news is, he triumphantly saves the whale.

Well, Jeff Gibson of Berkeley Heights, NJ, has a true life story about saving a whale. Playing in a church group outing at The Links at Lighthouse Sound in Bishopville, Maryland with 11 friends, one of them, Ashley Cooper, was enjoying the ocean view on the 6th tee when she spotted something peculiar.

Matty G reports:

“There was a 30-mph wind and we were playing the back tees, like idiots,” says Cooper. “I looked down off the back of the sixth tee and saw what looked like the fin on the bottom of a surfboard. I started to call 9-1-1, Jeff jumped down and started helping the whale.”

Cooper says they could see three other fins in the water, circling in the distance as though they were waiting for their friend. “It was like Free Willy,” he says. “I can’t make this stuff up.”

Ten minutes of whale-pushing later, Gibson, who had his arms wrapped around the whale’s waist, successfully freed him, and watched as the whale swam back to his friends in the Assawoman Bay (yeah, seriously). Soaking wet from head to toe (and golf glove), he climbed out of the water, stepped up to the tee and ripped a 280 yard drive.

No big deal.

And just for fun, here’s the clip to the Seinfeld episode:

[Photos courtesy of Matty G]