Tiger’s Neck: Not Bulging, Just Inflamed
By Stephanie Wei under General

On Wednesday Tiger Woods got a “picture” taken of his neck to figure out what was causing the pain (in his neck) that forced him to withdraw in the final round of The Players. Via his website, Team Tiger revealed that the MRI determined Tiger has an inflamed facet joint in his neck.

“I want to thank everyone for their caring and concern,” Woods said. “I now need to take care of this condition and will return to playing golf when I’m physically able.”

When facet joints are inflamed, they cause pain, headaches and difficulty turning the head. According to some website called, “Facet joints can become inflamed secondary to injury or arthritis.” Now could that injury be caused by, say, a car accident? Or maybe Tiger has early onset arthritis. Or he twisted it from looking over his shoulder so much in the past six months.

According to, the injury will be treated with physical therapy, including soft-tissue massage, rest and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Someone get him the number for a good therapist specializing in Swedish Massage. Huge. Quickly.

Good news is the prognosis is for a full recovery, but he still doesn’t know when he’ll return to competitive golf. (Is it just me or have we been hearing that too many times this year?) Tiger’s website says, “The layoff isn’t expected to be extensive, but can vary.”

Translation: He’ll be back in time for the US Open at Pebble Beach and maybe The Memorial for a warm-up.