The Disclosure Phil Mickelson Forgot: He Owns Five Guys
By Stephanie Wei under General

Last week at The Players Championship, Phil Mickelson gave a glowing endorsement for the Five Guys burger chain. Asked what he was doing after Saturday’s round, he replied:

What I’ve done the last five days, go to Five Guys Burgers. That place is so good. I can’t stop going there. This will be my sixth day in a row. I grew up on In-n-Out. I thought that was the best burger until I had Five Guys. That is hands down the best burger I’ve ever had.

At face value, you think, well, I guess Phil really loves Five Guys. Just like he enjoys Krispy Kreme donuts. Turns out there’s a catch. Responding to Doug Ferguson on Twitter, Stewart Cink, whose Twitter avatar shows him eating In-N-Out burger and fries, outed Phil, “Keep in mind PM owns SoCal rights to FiveGuys. Biased argument?”

Busted! And by Cink of all people. (Amazing!)

CNBC’s Darren Rovell reported:

T.R. Reinman, spokesman for Gaylord Sports Management, which represents Mickelson, confirmed to CNBC on Tuesday that Mickelson is in fact part of a group that has purchased the rights for Five Guys franchises in Orange County.

It depends on how much Mickelson will attach his name to the Five Guys franchises, but if he fully endorses the product, it could be a huge boost as Five Guys moves into In-N-Out territory.

Maybe someone should check if he owns part of the Krispy Kreme franchise, too. I don’t really have a problem that he gave Five Guys a plug, but he probably should have disclosed his personal connection to the chain. But what’s really bugging me is his burger diet at The Players contradicts what he said at a Quail Hollow news conference.

When asked to explain the Krispy Kreme drive-thru cameo, he said, “Well, throughout the week I don’t eat a lot of sugar or carbs or what have you, and my kids wanted doughnuts, and I said Monday morning we’ll go to Krispy Kreme and grab some.”

I believe burgers and fries have heaps of carbs. Oh, what do you know? I just came across the nutrition facts for Five Guys — a cheeseburger has 40 grams of carbs and an order of fries has 39 grams. I’m no health-guru, but that’s a lot, right? But perhaps Phil opted for the carb-free “Hamburger Beef.” That sounds absolutely scrumptious!

I’m a big fan of In-N-Out and I’ve never tried Five Guys, but now I’m actually dying to taste their burger — all because of Phil’s rave endorsement. So I guess he’s a great pitchman. It better be the best burger I’ve ever had. (Otherwise, I’m writing a complaint to Team Phil!) For now, I’m still on Team In-N-Out.

[Top photo via CNBC]