Tiger "Dumped" Again
By Stephanie Wei under General

His wife (allegedly). His sponsors. His fans. His neck. And now his swing coach. In a statement on his website, Hank Haney, who has worked with Tiger for over six years, has announced he’s parting ways with the world’s number one golfer.

I have informed Tiger Woods this evening that I will no longer be his coach.

I would like to thank Tiger for the opportunity that I have had to work with him over the past 6 plus years. Tiger Woods has done the work to achieve a level of greatness that I believe the game of golf has never seen before and I will always appreciate the opportunity that I have had to contribute to his successes. I have also enjoyed the association that I have had with Tiger both on and off the golf course as I have had some incredible experiences. In coaching and teaching Tiger I have also learned a lot, not only about golf, but about people and life in general. It has been a great learning experience and along the way Tiger has elevated me in my own profession to a level that I never thought I would achieve before I had the opportunity to work with him.

In many ways because of all of the time that I have spent with Tiger, I may have learned more from him than he has ever learned from me. So I believe at this time that it is in both of our best interests for me to step aside as Tiger’s coach.

Tiger has been just an incredible performer in golf and he has achieved great success throughout his career. First with his father Earl, and then with Butch Harmon as his coach, followed by me, I know Tiger Woods will be successful in the future no matter who helps him. He is an incredible athlete with an incredible work ethic. As we all know, Tiger has been through a lot in the last six months, and I really believe that given the chance, mind free and injury free, we will all see Tiger Woods play once again like we all know he can.

I wish Tiger well, not only with his golf, but in finding peace and happiness in all aspects of his life. Tiger knows that if he ever needs me in anyway, whether it be with his golf or just as a friend he can always call. I will always, as I have been in the past, be there for him. From a personal standpoint, I look forward to being able to make many more contributions to the great game of golf in the days and years ahead.

/wiping away tears

Since Tiger missed the cut at Quail Hollow two weeks ago, rumors have been swirling that the Tiger/Haney split had already happened. Now I can’t help but wonder if out of professional courtesy for Haney, Tiger gave him the opportunity to resign instead of giving him the ax. I mean, it seems like Haney would want to get away from Tiger, but with all the chatter, it seems like Team Tiger might have thought this was the best move. Too bad it’s not — it just makes Tiger look more radioactive. Who knows, perhaps Haney preemptively fired him first. Either way, it sounds like this announcement was a formality.

Earlier on Monday, Tiger spoke at a news conference for the AT&T National, where he denied any connection between the neck injury that forced him to withdraw from The Players Championship on Sunday and the injuries he sustained in the car crash last November.

“Zero connection,” Tiger insisted. “Absolutely zero. My neck started to bother me when I really started to practice a lot and tried to ramp up.”

He also called his schedule “up in the air,” saying he still need to get an MRI taken of his neck. But he added that he would like to defend at the Memorial, play at the US Open and the AT&T National if he’s feeling better.

When asked about addressing his swing problems, he replied, ” Well, changing anything in my swing, yeah: Don’t hit it left and don’t hit it right. I would like to change that. Also like to make more putts and shoot lower scores.”

“I talked to Hank about some of this stuff and we are still working on it. Still got a lot of work to do, and a lot of it is I can’t make the same moves as I could before because my neck is not allow.”

Well, looks like Tiger was just talking from his behind, per usual. Especially if it’s true him and Haney were already done. Has Sean Foley received a call from Tiger yet? Just asking.

And here’s a clip from Tiger’s presser today.