The Truth Behind the Tiger Slam Clubs…?
By Stephanie Wei under General

Well, depending on who you believe. But eBay trusted Tiger Woods enough to take down the listing.

Last Sunday Golf Digest came across an eBay listing, auctioning the set of irons and wedges Tiger played with during the historic Tiger Slam, when he won the US Open, British Open and PGA Championship in 2000 and then won his fourth-consecutive major at the 2001 Masters. The starting bidding price was $250,000.

In Tiger’s press conference on Tuesday, he was asked for his comments and thoughts on the eBay item. “He may have my set of irons, but they’re not from those tournaments,” he replied. They’re in my garage.”

Uh, is there a second set you aren’t aware you played with?

“I don’t know where they’re from, but the sets that I won all four major championships with, they’re in my house,” Tiger reiterated.

Meanwhile, according to Doug Ferguson’s report:

Steve Mata, a former Titleist representative who worked with Woods when he swept the majors, said Woods gave him the irons during the 2001 Buick Classic in New York when it was time to change out the grooves.

Mata stands by his claim.

“I did all his work for him on tour when he was at Titleist,” Mata said in a telephone interview. “We made up two sets of irons because no two sets are ever identical. I wanted to give him an option. He was in the pro-am at Westchester and I gave him the irons.”

“He said, ‘Keep them, they’re yours.’ And I said, ‘What? Are you kidding me?”’ Mata said. “I turned to another Titleist employee and said, ‘Does he know what they are?’ And Tiger said he knew exactly what they are.”

Mata continued to insist the clubs are legit and said eBay is going to reinstate the listing. He’s also not surprised Tiger denied those were his irons because Mata had spoken to Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, who implied Tiger wasn’t happy the clubs were being sold.

Hmm…that’s kind of believable coming from a guy who allegedly won’t sign golf balls because he doesn’t want to sign the wrong company’s ball or people selling them or something like that.

So it’s Mata’s word against Tiger’s. Who do you believe? Maybe Tiger should just show people the clubs in his garage to save everyone the trouble. If they’re actually there, of course.