In Memoriam: Vince Spence, aka The One Eyed Golfer
By Stephanie Wei under General

I was shocked when a reader alerted me to a post by Ryan Ballengee at Waggle Room today.

Vince Spence, perhaps better known as The One-Eyed Golfer in the golf blogging world, has passed away at the age of 61.

As Ryan put it so well, “I’ll miss Vince a lot.  I’ll miss his encouragement, his love for the history of golf, and his good-hearted nature.”

Vince was one of the first people in the golf blogosphere to contact me. He wrote this very nice email on April 16, 2009:


Really like your blog. You don’t leave anything in the bag. I have linked your site along with a few of my other ‘gals’. If you get really bored, take a peek at mine some day. I am an old guy (60) from Baltimore with way too much time on my hands. At least when golf season hits, I’ll be golfing 5-6 days a week and the blogosphere will be safe between about noon and 6 PM.

Good luck. Play well. Prosper…


From then on, we occasionally exchanged emails and direct messages via Twitter. He was also an avid commenter on my blog and I always appreciated reading his take. Not to mention I’ve enjoyed reading his insights via his blog. Now I didn’t know him well, but enough to say, he was a kind, clever and wonderful man, who made me smile. I’m sad I never got to meet him.

A few weeks ago, he wrote a nice post, “A few of the golfing women in my life,” and included me. I was honored and still am. I’m just really sad I never had the chance to thank him. Not to get all philosophical, but seriously, it’s another lesson to always telling people how much they mean to you when you get the chance because you never know…Thanks, Vince, for all your contributions to the golf blog community and our lives. You will be dearly missed.

My sincere condolences to the Spence family.