WUP Poll: Will Rory McIlroy Win a Major This Year?
By Stephanie Wei under General

First of all, I’d like to share that I’m writing this post from my iPad — because I wanted to rub in the fact that I received the 3G version last Friday (thanks for the birthday gift, Mom and Dad!), but really, I wanted to see how easily I could write a post on the touchscreen keypad. So far, so good! Which is making me love this even more! This could revolutionize my blogging practices. I mean, just think if I were on-site…

Secondly, Happy Birthday, Rory McIlroy! Congrats, you’re 21 and now can drink legally in the United States. How do you feel? I’m sure it’s life-changing stuff.

Anyway, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Sports Nation (but of course, I enjoy PTI and ATH wei more), where co-host Michelle Beadle, who is coincidentally my favorite female sports personality (I want to be like her when I grow up!), posed the question, “Will Rory McIlroy win a major this year?” She guessed 41% of Sports Nation said yes, while co-host Colin Cowherd went with 15%. He was right, unfortunately (just because Michelle was wrong).

So I thought I’d ask the WUP Nation what they thought.

I know the odds favor a 15% chance, but that was also probably the chance of his winning Quail Hollow by four shots after just barely making the cut. Now I know there has been heaps of overreaction to Rory’s win, which has driven me crazy. I mean, seriously, I’ll gouge my eyes out if I read one more story about the valiant rise of the youth and the fall of Tiger. Please. But clearly, I was pumped about Rory winning — I’ve always been a fan and cheered for him, but admittedly lost some faith after that back injury and his tanking at the Honda Classic and The Masters.

It’s always a crapshoot with golfers. Exhibit A: Sergio. Exhibit B: Adam Scott. Need more? I could go on all day. But I do think Rory has the best shot. If you haven’t seen him play live, you should. He’s fun to watch and just pounds the ball. Of course the same could be said about Serg and Scott five or so years ago. Let’s also let Rory just play…even if I’m guilty of deigning him that next big thing. It is annoying, but inevitable.

I’d love to see him win a major. If any of the so-called young guns will this year, it’ll be Rory. Mark my words. (Oh crap, there’s the Wei jinx!) Last year he made every cut at the majors, including T10 at the US Open and T3 at the PGA Championship. I think most of you might be shocked if he wins one this year — or in the words of Intern Kevin, “flabbergasted.” Fair enough, but let’s hear it. And out of Rory, Rickie Fowler and Ryo Ishikawa — I guess throw in Danny Lee for good measure — who will be the first to win a major?

Drop your thoughts below. A simple yes or no to the first question will suffice, but as always, feel free to expand on your reasoning. Feet stamping is always fun, too! Shane Bacon and I are scheduled to record a video chat on Wednesday morning, so perhaps we cam discuss or argue the results.

Oh, as for the review of my first post on the iPad, I think it went rather smoothly and there is an added value of this feeling more personal — if that makes any sense — something about just typing on my MacBook feels kind of sterile. On my iPad I feel like I’m chatting with you all…more than usual, that is. But I did have some difficulties, like with uploading a picture, formatting options, and there are probably more typos than usual. (Hey, Karp, when’s the Tumblr iPad app coming out?! Get it together!) That’s all. Good morning!

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[Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Image]