Phil Mickelson Gripes About Quail Hollow’s Greens
By Stephanie Wei under General

With a 50-foot putt on the 18th hole, America’s favorite golfing family man didn’t even bother having his caddie, Jim “Bones” Mackay, tend the flag. In fact, he likely instructed him not to. Now why on earth would he do that? Well, maybe it was because he knew the media would be stunned and immediately ask him about it as he walked off 18 green. You know, so he could moan about how awful the greens are. And that’s what happened. Question-asker was scared.

There was no way to get the ball anywhere near the hole, so I had to play 10 feet to the right and just try to get it about pin high, and I felt the pin would help me with depth perception, which it did. I ended up getting it down there as close as possible.

For as beautifully designed as this golf course is tee to green, the greens are by far the worst designed greens we play on TOUR. Even though they’re in immaculate shape, I would say that 18 would be the worst green that we have on TOUR, except that it’s not even the worst on this golf course; 12 is.

Ouchie. Hey, Hefty, maybe you shouldn’t have hit to that position in the first place. And clearly, he missed Tim Finchem’s lecture. No bad-mouthing courses! But it’s kinda awesome that Hefty said what he did. Even though Quail Hollow officials probably won’t change anything, I’m all for sounding off when there’s an issue. Now Rory McIlroy didn’t seem to have much problems with those God-awful greens.

[Photo via NewsObserver]