The Fuss Over Golf’s Fifth Major
By Stephanie Wei under General

On Tuesday afternoon I received a series of fiery IMs from a worked-up Intern Kevin, moaning about Alan Shipnuck’s column. “Why does Shipnuck think Quail Hollow is better than The Players,” he asked. Uh, I don’t know and is it really that big of a deal? He added, “I wish he would explain himself. He makes a bold statement, but doesn’t back it up. It just makes readers feel stupid for not knowing why this is so obvious.” I told him he should comment if he felt so strongly about it (which clearly he did). But he said, “Shipnuck is too big time to respond.” I replied, Fair enough. Why don’t you write a guest post?! Maybe that will catch his attention. After I  pestered gently prodded him for ten minutes, he finally complied. So, with all due respect, Alan, here’s Intern Kevin’s argument against your claim…

The buzz about Tiger and Phil at Quail Hollow has led to some serious overhyping.  In Alan Shipnuck’s Hot and Not column, he went so far as to claim that Quail Hollow has now overtaken The Players as the mythical 5th major.

1. Quail Hollow. The fifth major — sorry, Players — will be even better this time around as a yardstick of how Tiger’s game is progressing and a chance to see if Phil can keep his post-Augusta momentum. I, for one, can’t wait til Thursday.

The tournament gets a very good field (but not elite like The Players) and is played at a respected golf course. That being said, the event is only 7 years old and the board at the club doesn’t even seem satisfied hosting the event. If this truly were the 5th major, as Shipnuck claims, the courtship between Quail Hollow and the PGA of America would not be nearly as intense. The membership seems to think their club is up to hosting a Ryder Cup or PGA Championship.

The Players truly has grown in to the 5th major that Deane Beman and his cronies tried to shove down our throat for so many years. Over the last decade the tour has tweaked eligibility rules to ensure a top notch field and has been blessed with elite winners almost every year (and heck, even Craig Perks’ win was dramatic).

I’m heading to spend the week in Charlotte and don’t have near the anticipation that I feel when I am preparing to go watch a major.  Maybe I will come back smoking the same pipe as Mr. Shipnuck, but I seriously doubt it.

‘Splain yourself, Shippy! Please?

Intern Kevin is the unofficial intern to Wei Under Par.