For the Love of the 50-Plus Dudes
By Stephanie Wei under General

Actually just one for me: Fred Couples. Throw in those stylish skater shoes, too. Maybe because it’s been a slow news day, I’m feeling extra warm and fuzzy (crossing into the more-than-I’d-like-to-admit zone), but I enjoyed this piece by Nick Seitz on the Champions Tour deserving more respect. Here are a few reasons why (besides Freddie):

• Consider, too, that Lee Trevino’s quick wit is a sports treasure. He can give his pal George Lopez two wisecracks a side.

• The vanishing art of shotmaking is on display even as the old boys pioneer game-improvement trends like hybrid clubs.

• And consider that a lot of us can identify with pros we grew up with and their distinctive swing styles.

Interested in people’s thoughts on the second bullet point. Now I agree that new technology has cultivated the bomb-and-gouge style of play by the young whipper snappers, but how much is, say, Gary Player working the ball these days?

[Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images]