The Elin/Tiger Marriage Odds and Ends
By Stephanie Wei under General

With rumors looming that Elin Nordegren divorcing Tiger Woods is a lock, naturally, the oddsmakers have set the lines on various bets relating to the not-so-private family matter. I’m not a big gambling person — sure, the $5 game during a round of golf or predicting the winner of a tournament, but I’m a total neophyte when it comes to Vegas-style wagers, prop bets and the likes. Who knew you could put money down on such absurd things? I really shouldn’t be surprised, but I find this all so ludicrous that it’s kind of funny. (Cue to yell at me for posting this.) Firstly, what a sucker bet! And second of all, honestly? Apparently, so I thought I’d share this email. Well, here are the odds and ends of the epic Elin vs. Tiger divorce speculation, courtesy of bodog.com:

Will Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren file for divorce before the 2010 US Open?

Yes                              1/2

No                                3/2

What will be the monetary amount of the divorce settlement awarded to Elin Nordegren if she and Tiger Woods divorce?

Over/Under                    300 million dollars

Will Elin Nordegren publicly announce her support for Europe in the 2010 Ryder Cup?

Yes                              10/1

Elin’s next boyfriend will be…

Golfer                                        20/1

Athlete other than a golfer           25/1

Actor                                        30/1

Model                                       30/1

Professional Musician                30/1

I’m going to go with “None of the above” or “Who cares.” Anyway! It’s interesting that the odds favor divorce by June 17th — not that it would be a huge shocker if it happens. I sure hope she leaves his cheating butt. (Not that it’s any of my business, of course.) Oh, the US Open at Pebble Beach opening odds are set, too. Surprise! Tiger is the favorite at 9/4 followed by America’s favorite family man Phil Mickelson at 7/1.