Tank on a Bank
By Stephanie Wei under General

This photo of KJ Choi and some random Korean dude comes to you from outside of a bank in Midtown Manhattan. I walk by it all the time and earlier this week, decided to take a picture because it always baffled me — like, how many people recognize KJ Choi? (Probably very few.) And who the heck is that dude he’s posing with? Both good questions.

After a solid 64 to take the first round lead at the Verizon Heritage, the Tank has struggled the following two days with scores of 74-72 to drop to T44. Come on, I picked him for my Fantasy Golf team! At least I also have Jim Furyk, who has taken the lead after three days. Who else? I picked Ricky Barnes, just because I wanted to write, “Hey Bro, I made some putts today, Bro!” Yeah, the bro is T3. So is Luke Donald, another starter on my team.

Well, sorry to the Tank, but I switched him out with Camilo Villegas to start Sunday’s round. Maybe he’s just drained after playing four long days with Tiger at The Masters. He looked solid. And maybe I’ll tune in tomorrow to watch the telecast.