Four Dudes and an Asian Play Harbour Town
By Stephanie Wei under General

A little over four years ago (crap, I feel old now), I went on a golfing expedition with some of my sweet, sweet LAX friends. I just came across this group shot of us at Harbour Town. I decided to post it for no good reason other than remembering it was an awesome trip and this week’s PGA Tour stop, the Verizon Heritage, is held at Harbour Town.

Oh, the good old days!

I wish I could remember more about the course, but the selective memory function in my brain kicked in because I played awful and it was freezing — I think I’m wearing a sweater I bought in the pro shop because I didn’t bring warm enough clothes. Why didn’t I bring a jacket? Because the one time I didn’t “over-pack,” the weather bugged out. I mean, I was told it was supposed to be in the 70s in Hilton Head during February.  Actually, I just woke up that morning not feeling well. I didn’t think I’d be able to play very well at all that day. And I’m going to whine about it a little more. But as soon as I go to lie down in bed in about 30 seconds, I’ll be fine, but right now I’m tired and pissed off, to be honest with you.

Kidding. I’m clearly delirious. I have a Buddhist F*^%ing Tiger Hangover. I’ve been MIA for the past few days, writing my story on TW and yep, you guessed it — Buddhism! I even went on a meditation retreat three weeks ago (remember my mysterious research trip?), so I gain clarity of whatever it was Tiger might have been going through. Or however the closest I could get to understand Buddhism and meditation and then apply them to Tiger’s situation.

More later. I’m exhausted. 2,000 words on that subject was kind of exhausting in a really interesting, enlightening way. I’m serious. In fact, I have enough material to write another 2,000 (I like to waste precious hours to over-report). Especially when you spend them basically defending Buddhist Tiger. Yeah, for real. I know, right? I blame the meditation retreat. I’ve grown more soft and compassionate for reasons unbeknownst to me since then.

It is what it is.

Oh, why don’t I post it now? No, the story should be running tomorrow or Saturday — probably depends on the quality of my copy (I’ll post link when it goes live). But really it’s just because I need sleep.