Grounded Tiger Messages: "You Knew Stevie. You Knew."
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apparently the prankster — who has turned “Bootyism” into a new religion — behind the flying banners during Tiger Woods’ first round had plans to paint the sky the following day with more messages for the golfer. But responding to a request from an FAA air traffic controller (hmm…via the Green Jackets?), an FAA investigator performed a ramp check on the plane and grounded it after finding “a number of mechanical issues” — otherwise known as a worn-out tag on a seat belt.

But on Tuesday, according to TMZ, the heckler from the air found another plane and flew the new messages above Augusta National. One banner read, “You knew Stevie. You knew” — a jab at Tiger’s caddie, Stevie Williams, who denied having any knowledge of his boss’ harem of women.

The other sign took a shot at Jesse James, who has replaced Tiger as America’s most disgraced philanderer, with the message, “Tiger: Still on for the 4some? Jesse James.”

Now that heckling from the skies has become the latest trend, I wonder what messages are in store for the next tournament Tiger plays.