Tiger Woods at The Masters: Still Cursin’ Like It’s 2009
By Stephanie Wei under General

As you can hear nice and clear, Tiger shows us just how much he’s changed as he reacts to a poor tee shot on the 6th hole. Just on Monday he said, “I’m actually going to try and obviously not get as hot when I play.” He also vowed “to be more respectful of the game.” Well, everyone slips every once in a while, right? He’s only human! But ten minutes later, from the 7th fairway, another (less pronounced) outburst: “Tiger, G-Dammit.”

Maybe he forgot to meditate last night. Or maybe he forgot those meditation drills he can practice in between shots. Karma will make him pay. So will the reporters in the media room post-round. That is, if Tiger agrees to sit through a press conference.