Grumpy Old Golf Writer Takeout Joke Causes Twitter Uproar
By Stephanie Wei under General

Now I love Dan Jenkins and have the utmost respect for him, but this tweet stepped a little outside of what’s considered “Twitter appropriate”: “Y.E. Yang is only three shots off the lead. I think we got takeout from him last night.”

The thing is, Yang is Korean, not Chinese. Sheesh! Do we all look alike, too? Bad jokes aside, when I first saw it, I asked myself if I was offended (you know, being that I’m Asian and all). Well, it was poor taste, but outraged? Not really. I mean, at least he didn’t make a bad driving joke. But perhaps he should have realized that people don’t take well to racial stereotyping jabs in 2010. In fact, it’s causing quite a ruckus in the Twitter-verse. See for yourself:

TS_23 The @danjenkinsgd tweet about Yang seems pretty clearly to be nothing more than a tone deaf PF Chang joke, but let the mock outrage begin.

@GiantsGM: Did Anthony Kim dry clean your suit too?

@ChrisVernowShow: golfs most respected writer? yikes.

@spudrph: Mr. Jenkins, that is racist. You should be ashamed. I thought you had learned. You were just as racist in the 1980s.

@JonesHagopian: how is @danjenkinsgd comment any different than Fuzzy’s fried chicken re: TW? Whatever his intention.. it reads racist.

@WhitlockJason: Richard Deitsch, does Jenkins get your see-no-evil Leitch treatment or does he get the tweet-it-own-it Whitlock treatment?

@jjochwat: @danjenkinsgd Nice racist comment about Yang. I’ll make sure Golf Digest knows about this one.

@CFTV Whoo Hooo career suicide in 1 dumb tweet

@The_Real_LLC The Yang comment by @danjenkinsgd has everyone a-twitter, but isn’t being old and irreverent his entire shtick? I mean, it’s bad, but…

Is “@danjenkinsgd” a trending topic yet? Can we just give him a mulligan and move on? I just heard Tiger is one shot off the lead.