WUP Amen-Cornered Masters Challenge: Round 1 Standings
By Stephanie Wei under General

Apologies for the delay — took a little time to get the data compiled, but now I have a well organized spreadsheet (thanks to Steve, who replied to my Twitter plea). Then I had a little impromptu nap on my computer before I pressed “publish.” Anyway! What a mindblowing way to kick off the Masters with what was probably the greatest first round leaderboard in recent tournament history.

A few notes about my picks. I have a weird thing about not picking Tiger. Always have. For some odd reason, I just hate opting for the obvious favorite. I mean, choosing him every time is a good bet, but it’s a cop-out and I like switching things up. I also have a personal issue with picking Phil. I almost gave in and pulled the trigger, but decided to stand by my irrational principles.

After mulling over the decision for days, I made some last minutes switches to my line-up at approximately 7:30AM Thursday. Call it following my gut. I pulled Ryan Moore and Jim Furyk and switched in Geoff Ogilvy and Fred Couples. I gave Ryan such a hard sell to everyone, which meant I probably jinxed him. (Sorry!) So, my final five were Anthony Kim, Retief Goosen, Lee Westwood, Fred Couples and Geoff Ogilvy.

Most important, I learned never to underestimate Tiger Woods. Well, duh! Yeah, but given the circumstances, I wasn’t sure what to expect. No one did. Maybe I was more skeptical than others. I just thought he’d at least be a little rusty after taking time away. (But I guess we learned he wasn’t practicing in all his spare time.) Given what’s happened in the past five months, I thought he’d be shakier around the greens. I know, what was I thinking! Seriously, the dude looked like he hadn’t missed a day from competition, and it sure was fun to watch.

Round 2 standings will be up tomorrow afternoon and shortly followed by the Round 3 ones (I promise!). But for now, here are the totals from Round 1.

  1. Uchitel’s Sandbagging Caddy, 201
  2. Waggleroom, 201
  3. The Wei, 201
  4. GolfGuy, 202
  5. Shamed, 202
  6. Brandon Muir, 203
  7. Elin woods Memorial, 203
  8. Kiwi Pros, 203
  9. Mark Smolens, 203
  10. One guy and 4 foreigners, 203
  11. Super Dave Chen, 203
  12. Team Balabill, 204
  13. New Haven Townies, 204
  14. David Duran, 205
  15. Downhill Lies, 205
  16. John Lewis, 205
  17. KT Barton, 205
  18. Allan Schroeder, 206
  19. Boyle Advisory, 206
  20. Canali Dan, 206
  21. Cash of the Titans, 206
  22. Circa 83, 206
  23. nocurling, 206
  24. Prime Time, 206
  25. Tomo Bystedt, 206
  26. Intern Kevin, 207
  27. Stamps Richard, 207
  28. The Boom Boom Room, 207
  29. Woods A Victim, 207
  30. Chris Carey, 208
  31. Daniel Tak, 208
  32. Hawaii Bound, 208
  33. Show Ponies Plus One, 208
  34. Legend’s Links Lotharios, 209
  35. Quank’s Wankers, 209
  36. Skinny Todd, 209
  37. The Coveralls, 209
  38. The Long Drivers 209
  39. Tremendous Slouch, 209
  40. Ballbusters, 210
  41. Boston Fire, 210
  42. Melvin Avanzado, 212
  43. Team Hack Attack, 212
  44. Tim Copeland, 212
  45. Team Green Tea, 213
  46. The Omithologists, 213
  47. DCPC, 218
  48. Team Fidelity, 219
  49. The Streakies, 222

[Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images]