The Scramble With Me and Bacon: Our Masters Preview
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Scramble, Episode One from Stephanie Wei on Vimeo.

Welcome to premiere of The Scramble, everyone! Shane Bacon of Yahoo Devil Ball Golf, Dogs That Chase Cars and, like, 16 other sites, and I decided to start a weekly web show (hooray!), where we chat about the latest in the golfing world while trying to be entertaining. Hard to believe, but  we talk about all things Masters this week.

This is our first shot. So please be patient with us along with any tech hiccups, but constructive criticism is always welcome. (We promise to improve every week.) And don’t make fun of my “you know” tick. I’m very sensitive about my speech impediment and working long hours to learn how to form a sentence without letting those two damned words fly out of my mouth.

Feel free to laugh and make fun of me while I stammer…quietly, though. Before you ask, I have no clue what I keep looking at to the left of my computer. One last thing, ooVoo.com — the app we used for the video chat — is my new favorite Internet program. Because you all care. I know.

Enjoy! Go golf.