Tiger 2.0 to Play in Par 3 Contest [*Update: Never mind]
By Stephanie Wei under General

As another indication he acknowledges and appreciates other humans, Tiger Woods will play in the Masters Par 3 Contest. Yes, seriously!

Tiger hasn’t graced fans with his presence at the family-oriented pitch-and-putt since 2005. But in what may seem like a simple gesture may serve as a meaningful sign he is a changed man, who wants to give back to the game.

In past years, Tiger opted to sit out because the light-hearted tradition was just too draining. Via Golf.com:

“You play a practice round in the morning, then sit around for your tee time,” he said. “It just becomes a long day and takes away from your main preparation. I’m sure there will be a day when I come back and play, especially when [Tiger’s kids] Sam and Charlie get a little older and can caddie for me.”

But while his buddies will be surrounded by their pretty wives and flock of children, Tiger won’t have either. Which wouldn’t be easy to face, but if he does take it head on with a smile, it would show strength in character. At least he’ll always have Steiney.

Update: This just in — Tiger is NOT playing in the Par 3 contest. So much for Tiger 2.0. Apparently the Golf.com guys need some work on their reading comprehension skills or The Masters officials need to make clearer handouts. The Green Jacketers released sheets with players ELIGIBLE for the Par 3, not pairings. Tiger’s name was clearly on it, but someone from Team Tiger says he’s not entering. Man, I was looking forward to watching Tiger play with other people’s kids and dole out hugs to the wives of his tour buds.

Well, who knows, the dude is weird. This is weird. In ten minutes, word might be that he’s playing again. I won’t hold my breath.

[Photo courtesy of reader Dave, who was at Augusta on Monday]