Tsk-Tsk, Put It Away, Tiger!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Doesn’t Augusta have a strict rule of no cell phones allowed outside the locker room (yes, that goes for players, too)? Yes, in fact, they do. Breaking rules already, Tiger? So naughty! (But apparently the green jackets make exceptions for recording devices during practice rounds.)

But what’s so funny, Tiger? Given the revelations surrounding his avid texting habits, it might be best for him to steer clear of fiddling with his phone in public — as innocent as it may be — because, well, basically it’s the gadget that enabled his awful addiction and ultimately led to him getting caught.

What’s Tiger showing a bemused Mark O’Meara on his phone? Um…never mind. Wait, say what? It’s not what it appears.

According to the AP, Tiger was simply helping his old pal with his putting stroke. O’Meara had a loop in his putting stroke and Tiger wanted to film it. Still…it’s impossible not to conjure up images of the tawdry text messages he (allegedly) sent to his (alleged) mistresses. I’m forever scarred by that whole fascination he (allegedly) had with golden showers.

But interestingly enough, it looks like Tiger has an iPhone. Maybe he isn’t as scorned as we think if he’s still using AT&T, his former sponsor which cut ties with him just before the new year. Or maybe he’s just too cheap to buy a new phone (iPhones are exclusive to the AT&T network). One thing’s for sure, he’s also savvy with recording videos on it.

[Photos via HuffPost]