The Threesomes Tiger Might Have Nightmares About
By Stephanie Wei under General

With all the chatter about Tiger’s early round pairing, I thought it might be more interesting to ponder the most awkward scenarios. I came up with three hypothetical threesomes and explained they would be unfavorable for Tiger over at ESPN.com’s Page 2.

The themes were: “Old Nemeses,” “Finger Waggers,” and “Bible Thumpers.” Here’s an excerpt:

• Phil Mickelson and Y.E. Yang: Phil recently said he would “love” to be paired with Tiger. Of course he would. Because the proportion of fans supporting Phil over Tiger would be almost embarrassing. When the two were paired together in the final round last year, the gallery overwhelmingly favored Phil — and that was pre-scandal. Then you have the last major Tiger played, the PGA Championship, where Yang did the unthinkable, coming from behind to take down Tiger. If Tiger has to play with people who have beat him in the past, he probably doesn’t want one he can’t talk to and one he won’t talk to.

Got any better ideas for terrible threesomes? Imagine if he played with Camilo Villegas and Adam Scott. Yikes.

*Correction: Not sure how I didn’t catch a HUGE mistake I made in my post over at ESPN. But DL3 isn’t in the field. I blame it on Tiger/Masters fatigue. Me = moron.