Mediaite Column: In Rehab From the Tiger Drama
By Stephanie Wei under General

I wrote another column for Mediate.com. Here’s are some excerpts:

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I’m addicted to Tiger. Since November 27, I’ve been held hostage to the unfolding of Tiger’s sex scandal. In the month of December, I checked TMZ and RadarOnline obsessively. I put “Tiger Woods accident” and “Tiger Woods affair” on Google alert. For 83 straight days, I posted something about Tiger. Many times more than once. I covered it all from the cocktail waitresses he boinked to the sponsors dropping him to the crude texts he sent to porn stars. But yesterday, I realized that something’s changed: I now have Tiger fatigue. I don’t need to hear about how his Kindergarten teacher claims he lied and wants an apology. I guess this is how you break your addition. I just really don’t care about any of it.

Okay, that’s not true. I care about his game.

No doubt Tiger messed up big time and he’s the one who has to live with his mistakes. But four-plus months later, I’m beyond over it. At least for today. (I’m not saying that I won’t continue covering Tiger, but hopefully it’ll be mostly directly golf-related.)

What else can we ask for from Tiger? He publicly humiliated himself with his awful apology speech. He gave two one-on-one interviews, albeit only five minutes long each. He let the media fire questions at him without restrictions (at least explicit ones) for 34 minutes.


When grilled about the treatment he received from Dr. Anthony Galea, who has been charged with importing performance enhancing drugs, he described the reasoning for the platelet-enriched plasma treatments. But of all the doctors, why Dr. Galea? “Well, he’s worked with so many athletes,” he explained. He also divulged an injury he hadn’t previously shared — a torn Achilles tendon. (Which actually brings up more questions because from my understanding, that is very painful and you can’t even walk.)

Tiger’s proven himself to be a very good liar, so it’s not like I believe him without reservation. But really, after the past few months, all he had to do was smile and come across as genuine to win most people over. Part of me is still skeptical, but the Tiger we saw today sounds similar to the one that gave Hunter Mahan’s caddie, John Wood, a man hug when the cameras weren’t around. Maybe it’s just that I’m weary, so at this point seeming genuine is good enough for me. And if I’m weary, imagine how he’s feeling. I mean, really — the kindgergarten teacher. So — when he says he’s had enough — and acts like it, for 34 minutes — I actually am inclined to believe him.

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