Live-Blog/Chat for Tiger’s Press Conference at USAToday.com
By Stephanie Wei under General

I’ll be joining USA Today’s Reid Cherner and Tom Weir in their live chat/blog of Tiger’s press conference over at their Game On! site. I believe we’ll be kicking off with pre-presser coverage around 1PM EST, an hour before Tiger is scheduled to show up.

Please go HERE to join the chat and discuss your thoughts with us. I’ll do my best to chime in with my witty comments and answer any questions. I’ll also have an open thread if you’d prefer to post your opinions on my blog or miss the live action.

I’m already preparing myself for the inevitable chaos that will ensue, but doubtful we’ll be terribly enlightened with any new information. What’s the over/under on how many times he’ll say “That’s a private matter” or “I’ve already answered that”? Young Rory McIlroy showed he’s wise beyond his years when he told Golfweek’s Alex Miceli, “I don’t think you will get a straight answer out of him. It’s just like the last 10 years in that he says a lot without saying anything.”

Tiger’s attitude and demeanor toward the press will be interesting to observe, though. Actually we’ll all drive ourselves crazy over-analyzing everything from what he says (or more likely, doesn’t say) to his facial expressions.

Oh, you can watch the press conference on ESPN or the Golf Channel and online at The Masters homepage.