Another Birthday, Unlike Every Other Year
By Stephanie Wei under General

My friend Tom sent this card to me today with the note, “……and that would be actually writing about Golf & Tiger Woods. Seriously though, hope you have a birthday unlike any other. (Cue CBS’ Masters music).”

I’m not exactly sure what Tom is trying to say by picking that specific card. (Payback for the one I sent him on his birthday?) But anyway! Yes it is a birthday unlike any other because I’m not throwing a raging party with 200 of my closest friends this year. I guess that’s what happens when you’re not in your mid-20s anymore, you get boring and blog on your birthday.

If you’re wondering, I turned 27 today. Shit. But surprisingly, it hasn’t been nearly as terrifying as I imagined a few months ago. Random, fun info: Apparently I have the same birthday as a number of my friends’ mothers. Four of them to be precise.

Okay, time for Patron shots.