A Limited Seating Tiger Woods Press Event Like No Other
By Stephanie Wei under General

Augusta officials are slaving away to ensure when the iron-clad gates open next Monday, the pandemonium will stay civil. A memo to the 500 media members with Masters credentials was passed along earlier this week to inform them that only one reporter from each organization would be allowed to attend Tiger’s press conference.

Before anyone starts postulating conspiracy theories that limiting each news outlet to one reporter is Tiger trying to set ground rules again, I assure you that’s not the case. I’m told the room where they hold press conferences can only seat more or less 150 people. So it’s actually a fire hazard issue.

How did each media group decide which reporter was presented with the golden ticket? I hope they drew straws. Or they submitted the question they would ask Tiger and whoever wrote the best one gets the coveted seat.

Speaking of which, who’s kicking off the cross-examination and what will the first question be? If you were there, what would you ask?

I’d ask what he thinks of the new practice facilities.

Only three more days until the firing squad armed with cynical, indignant and question-happy golf reporters will gather to watch the interrogation of Tiger Woods. Good luck, buddy. We’ll be meditating for you.