Live from the Video Van at the Kia Classic, It’s Michelle Wie!
By Stephanie Wei under General

Thanks to reader Court for sending along the full 12 minute footage of Michelle Wie’s rambling, desperate attempt to philosophize her way out of a penalty. You guys weren’t lying — that was compelling television.

/making popcorn

Just when you think it can’t get any more painfully entertaining, it gets worse. I kept cringing from second-hand embarrassment or burying my face in my hands. The lowest point? She mocked the official in baby-voice talk. Seriously. Just because she disagreed with their opinion, doesn’t mean she has a right to talk like she’s better or smarter than them. Come on, grow up. Have some respect. I was impressed with how patient the rules officials were. (Guessing they have preteen daughters.) But Michelle’s philosophy professor at Stanford would be proud:

“I know that I felt it. It’d be very unfair to penalize me on something you didn’t know I felt.”

Please, make it stop. As reader Barry gleaned, Physics isn’t on her course list. Michelle was putting all her weight on her right foot and bending her left leg, so dangling the club uphill of her left foot wouldn’t have helped with her balance.

“You can’t base a ruling from what it appears or seems. I’m asking you to base it on facts.”

Thing is, in the rules of golf, you do have to determine rulings by how it “appears or seems.” The officials were using logic and facts. Sorry, excuses aren’t considered. The only fact was that Michelle grounded her club. So basically she just contradicted the whole “you don’t know how I felt” argument. Okay, it’s way too late for debating the gray areas in the Rules of Golf. I also have 27 shots calling my name…which will have to wait until tomorrow.

To rewind, here’s the clip of Michelle bravely venturing into never before territory by hitting her ball out of the water. Her victory was short-lived as she grounded the club in the hazard afterward. Whoopsie for Wiesey.

If you haven’t had enough, Val Skinner talks with Michelle about rules and such. Poor girl. It’s like the universe is always plotting against her. Wrong! Maybe she should get the number for Tiger’s meditation guru.

Is it over yet?