John Daly Will Return to The Masters Again…to Sell Stuff
By Stephanie Wei under General

Add John Daly setting up shop outside the gates of Augusta National to the growing list of Masters traditions unlike any other. As you may recall, in 2007 Daly, who didn’t qualify for the tournament, parked his RV in front of Hooters hawking JD gear. And last year while serving a six-month suspension from the PGA Tour, he returned to sell more stuff. But perhaps because of that whole getting bombed and arrested debacle in 2008, he wisely moved his post next to a jewelry store.

While we’d rather he return to actually play in the tournament, don’t fret, he’ll be back again this year…to sell more hats and shirts. On Saturday he tweeted:

So—IS EVERYONE gonna stop by my Merchandise Booth the week of the Masters! Will have all new merchandise & I’ll be there— BEING JOHN DALY.

I’m not playing the Masters-but i’ll be there promoting my “Grip It & Rip It” & Lion brand gear—so please ya’ll stop by & still cheer me on

Hooray. But seriously, no Loudmouth pants?! Well, unfortunately I’m not going (/weeping quietly), otherwise I’d definitely stop by and say hello. Oh yeah, I almost forgot a major bit of info — he’s returning to the jewelry store parking lot at 2635 Washington Road (a convenient three-minute walk from the golf course) and says his hours will be “dusk-ish til dawn-ish.” I hope he meant “dawn-ish til dusk-ish,” but I guess you never know with JD.

More important, will he serve free samples of his pizza?