Your Arnie’s Grandson Watch/Bay Hill Invitational/Kia Classic/Cap Cana Championship Weekend Open Thread
By Stephanie Wei under General

Oh whoops, wrong year! But remember how ex-freaking-citing it was when Tiger sank that putt on the 18th to win the tournament last year? (Here’s the clip for your convenience.) And yes, I’m implying that it won’t be as thrilling when Ben Curtis two-putts for the win on Sunday.

But don’t worry, Arnold Palmer’s grandson, sometimes known as Sam Saunders, is six shots off the lead. He’s practically in contention (!), as the Golf Channel commentators will remind you over and over again this weekend.

Meanwhile, on the women’s side, Michelle Wie is in contention. Lots of Korean names near the top of the leaderboard, too. (Surprise.) See the latest edition of “Know Your Asians” to learn about the 36-hole leader, Hee Kyung Seo. Also, see here for In-Kyung Kim, who is in second.

Unfortunately, I’m going to miss the action. Today I am embarking on a little research trip for a story, and I will have no access to the Internet, my laptop, etc., until Monday afternoon-ish. No, I’m not going to rehab or jail. This assignment is classified stuff, so I can’t say much, but apparently I’ll be waking up at 5:30AM, talking for the majority of the time is prohibited, and no eating anything except bread after noon. (One friend was very encouraging and texted me, “Just kill yourself instead, sounds about as fun!”) Okay, fine, you got me, I’m going to fat camp. Anyway, hopefully I’ll bring back enlightening answers to some questions (and a damn good story).

So, please, keep me posted on the great golf I miss this weekend by dropping your comments below. Have a good one.