Another Blow to Ken Green’s Comeback Story
By Stephanie Wei under General

Poor Ken Green just can’t seem to score a good break. The 51-year-old Champions Tour player found out on Tuesday that his request for a major medical exemption was denied.

He wrote on his blog, dedicated to tracking his comeback effort:

Swing Kenney Swing is the tire burning from the Tour office after they told me my major medical was turned down. So much for that warm snuggly feeling I had that the right thing would be done. The PAC (player advisory council) and board have both rejected my request.

The only thing left for me to do is sue, and I refuse to do that. Even though Mr. Finchem has no issue throwing the Tour’s money away on bad lawsuits that they are going to lose (I’ve been told my case is terrific), this time around I will not because it revolves around me and not all golfers.

Last June Green’s right leg was amputated after a tragic RV accident that killed his girlfriend and brother. In January his son, a student at SMU, died from an accidental overdose. What Green has survived and endured is absolutely heartbreaking, but also has the potential to turn into an equally great feel-good story. Either way, you would think the Tour would give him a break, right?

Green has conditional status on the Champions Tour in the career victories category, which grants players with at least two tour wins 24 months after their 50th birthday to compete. He had played for 11 months prior to the accident and was hoping to get back those 13 months he lost during his recovery. But unfortunately the Champions Tour doesn’t allow for such exemptions and the major medical exemption is only open to players in the top 30 in the previous season’s money list and winners from the current season. Oh, come on, throw the guy a bone! But hey, I guess rules are rules.

No word yet whether Green will play himself in Rick Reilly’s upcoming screenplay.

[Photo via NYT]