Transitions: Another Sponsor That Wants to Sock Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

So Tiger Woods considerately requested that ESPN and the Golf Channel hold off on airing his interviews until 7:30PM EST so he wouldn’t upstage the Transitions Championship. Interestingly enough, while Tiger was apologizing to his colleagues, one of his colleagues was winning for the first time since 2007 and nobody (Mrs. Furyk doesn’t count) paid attention.

Though Jim Furyk didn’t mind having the limelight taken away because like he said, “I won the damn thing and it really doesn’t matter to me.” Exactly, he shouldn’t care, but I felt annoyed for him. I also was annoyed with myself that I was watching Tiger and not the actual golf.

So imagine how the good people at Transitions Optical felt. ESPN’s Bob Harig reports:

“I would say that given our partnership with the Golf Channel, we are a little bit disappointed that they chose to air that story at the conclusion of a very exciting tournament,” said David Cole, managing director for Transitions. “We invest a lot of money in the Transitions Championship as a title sponsor.”

Indeed, they do. An average title sponsorship costs a modest $8-10 million.

Then during the time when the Golf Channel would normally air the post-tournament coverage, the analysts took five seconds to say something about Jim Furyk winning before continuing with its regularly scheduled programming — their reaction to Tiger’s interview. Okay, so I don’t really blame them. It was the hot story, but maybe they could have taken five minutes to talk about the Transitions tourney.

But what I’d really like to know is why Tiger couldn’t wait until Monday or Tuesday? He doesn’t have rehab to blame it on this time. Oh, right, he wouldn’t want to upstage the super important Tavistock Cup! I mean, God forbid.

Oh yeah, congrats to Furyk, a class act, on his well-deserved win.