CBS Keeps Its Credibility, Rejects Interview With Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

Team Tiger gave CBS the opportunity for an interview with Tiger. But as a legitimate news outlet, the network turned it down after being informed of the five-minute time restriction.

CBS Sports spokeswoman LeslieAnne Wade told the AP, “CBS would be interested in an extended interview with the troubled golf star ‘without any restrictions.’”

Interestingly enough, I was wondering if time restrictions imposed by interviewees were standard. Because to me, it seemed like absolute BS or just another example of Tiger playing by his own rules. So I turned to an expert for an answer.’s Managing Editor Colby Hall explained:

It’s not normal for subjects to dictate a 5-minute time limit, but Tiger isn’t normal. When a subject as big as Tiger is willing to sit down with a journalist — particularly for the first time after his “issues” he can sort set any rules he wants. Now — true journalists probably wouldn’t accept the stipulations, but ESPN is an entertainment outlet that’s disguised as a news outlet.

Bottom line, any news organization would probably have accepted the terms dictated by Tiger’s people.

My response was, “Really? What network would refuse the first interview with Tiger?” Turns out I underestimated CBS.

Bravo, CBS, bravo.