Report: ESPN and Golf Channel to Air Interviews With Tiger
By Stephanie Wei under General

As it happened, Tiger Woods opted not to have a tear-soaked chat with Oprah. Thank God. Instead Team Tiger selected ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi and Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman to give his first interviews since the scandal broke.

The sit-downs were filmed at Isleworth on Sunday. Rinaldi and Tilghman were each allotted five minutes to ask questions. There were no restrictions set on what was asked. Well, that’s a step in the right direction, but five minutes?? How much can you cover in such a short time and receive comprehensive responses?

Out of consideration, Team Tiger asked the Golf Channel and ESPN to push back airing the interviews until 7:30 as to not interfere with the rain-delayed Transitions Championship. How thoughtful! Too bad the announcement already overshadowed it.

As for the choice of interviewees, I like that Tiger went with golf-specific people. Rinaldi was a great choice. And I guess they needed a woman, too, so Tilghman was the logical pick. But really, I can’t imagine her questions being so pressing (let’s just hope she doesn’t bring up anything about lynching).

So what will we learn? First, where the hell were you hiding for three months? What were the facilities like in rehab? Have you tried out a golden shower yet? Do you watch South Park? Why in the world did you receive treatment for your knee from a shady doctor like Anthony Galea?

Kidding. Like most people, I’d like to hear about his mental state, golf game, etc. T-10 minutes until the interviews air.