And Now the Other Half of Tiger’s and Joslyn’s Text Exchange
By Stephanie Wei under General

By now, you’ve read the sordid, very disturbing sexts Tiger Woods (allegedly) sent to porn actress Joslyn James, which she revealed to the world on Friday. Well, Josh Levin over at Slate has uncovered the other half of the conversation*.

Here’s a snippet:

Tiger: Sent: 03:57 PM 07/31/2009:
Will back in 5. Let me take a shower and i will text you after

Joslyn: Sent: 04:12 PM 07/31/2009:
You surprised how sweaty we got building houses 4 habitat 4 humanity?

Tiger: Sent: 04:18 PM 07/31/2009:
Oh i know. Not at all. Just glad and suprised i can do that to you Im all clean. Come on down:)

Tiger: Sent: 04:22 PM 07/31/2009:

Joslyn: Sent: 04:32 PM 07/31/2009:
I know I know New Orleans wont rebuild itself

So you see, Tiger’s not a totally depraved dude. The texts were just taken out of context! Don’t you just feel awful for judging him now? Who knew what an amazing humanitarian team the world’s best golfer and a porn star could make?

*For those who didn’t pick up on it, this was a spoofand a very clever one, I must say. Bravo, Mr. Levin.