South Park Turns Tiger Saga Into a Video Game, Mocks Celebrity Cheaters
By Stephanie Wei under General

South Park kicked off its new season, tackling the Tiger Scandal and sex addiction. The opening scene (clip above) shows a vivid reenactment of the fight between Elin and Tiger on Thanksgiving night. But it ended up that Cartman and Kenny were playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. Kyle quips, “Wow! I didn’t know golf games were this cool!”

The episode was rather disappointing other than a few scenes, like the one where a bunch of celebrity “sex addicts” such as Bill Clinton, David Letterman, Charlie Sheen, David Duchovny and Ben Roethlisberger are in group therapy session at sex rehab. They discuss behaviors that led to their ultimate downfall. You know, “sex with employees,” says the faux Letterman.

The moral of the story was that sex addiction is just an excuse for wealthy and successful men to abuse their power and sleep with a bunch of women. Well, duh.

Best part? In the final scene when the video game Cartman and Stan are playing shows Tiger announcing he’s recovered from sex addiction and returning to golf. The boys angrily throw down the controllers and as they walk away Stan grumbles, “Golf is stupid again.”

Yep, back to your regularly scheduled programming of Tiger hitting a white ball rather than fire hydrants.

Oh, by the way, I assume this goes without saying, but both clips are NSFW.