Now Tiger Apologizes to South Park’s Cartman, Kenny and Kyle
By Stephanie Wei under General

Set your DVRs for Comedy Central on Wednesday at 10pm — that’s when South Park premieres with “Sexual Healing,” starring an animated Tiger Woods. The clip above shows him at his “I’m Deeply Sorry” speech with Cartman standing next to him and wearing the WTF expression.

In the episode, some fourth grade boys at South Park Elementary are diagnosed with sex addiction and scientists try to tackle the phenomenon.

Co-creator Matt Stone explained, “It’s such an important issue in America right now — the sex addiction outbreak. We’re all really concerned about him and hope he gets better.”

Seriously. (Did he say that with a straight face?) Never have there been so many wealthy assholes whose success has forced them to fornicate in parking lots with women who aren’t their Missus. They must be stopped! So I’m glad Stone and co-mastermind Trey Parker, who are always ahead of the curve, understand the gravity of this problem plaguing our society and the need to address (read: mock) it on a cartoon.

Oh, who am I kidding? It’s going to be hilarious. Now I wonder if Tiger will watch. We know he likes cartoons.