Boo Weekley on the Golf Channel: "I Love This F*cking Game"
By Stephanie Wei under General

Since Tiger’s been gone, apparently the Golf Channel has gotten lazy with editing out four-letter words that sometimes slip from the mouths of frustrated players. At least producers missed this one during Saturday’s first-round coverage of the monsoon-plagued Puerto Rico Open, which was shown on tape-delay, mind you.

Boo Weekley let the F-bomb fly, sarcastically saying, “I love this f*cking game,” after hitting a poor second shot on the first hole. (Whoopsie!) Oh yes — it’s an instant classic.

*UPDATE: Unfortunately, I had to take down the video because the PGA Tour says I’m violating telecast copyright and media regulations. But curiously I’ve never been contacted before about others I’ve posted and what about all the content on YouTube? Just asking.