Now Tiger Is Just Messing With Us
By Stephanie Wei under General

After the flurry of various reports citing several unnamed sources by the NY Post and the AP speculating on Tiger’s return date, yet another one has emerged. Once again, an unidentified source told “no final decision has been made” with regards to his schedule.

I believe this. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Team Tiger is deliberately feeding misguided information to the media. You know, just to mess with all the people he felt wronged him.

But if Tiger is seriously working on repairing his marriage, the longer he stays out, the better. Otherwise, his pledge to become a better husband and person is just as phony as his former impeccable image.

Can anyone see Tiger sitting out The Masters, though? If he does, it might be the most telling indication he’s serious about changing. In other words, he’s focusing on therapy and his family life.

Anyhow, even if it’s pointless, we’ll keep playing the guessing game because we can’t help it, and I care when he returns to golf. I want to see him play again, so we can move on from the sex scandal and talk about what he does best — achieve what’s seemed like the humanly impossible on the links. But for now it appears like the joke’s on us.