New Details on Tiger’s Crash: A Tale of Unanswered Questions
By Stephanie Wei under General

The Orlando Sentinel reviewed the new information released by the Florida Highway Patrol in its final accident report on Tiger’s November 27 accident, and apparently the investigation was hampered by uncooperative witnesses.

Interestingly enough, when Elin tried to ride in the ambulance, the crew wouldn’t let her, explaining it was a case of domestic violence. But later officials were “confused” because they didn’t find any evidence. Also, Elin gave police two bottles of pain pills she said Tiger had taken earlier in the day.

Along with a nifty animated diagram the Sentinel pieced together, here are some other new bits revealed:

•Troopers began searching for evidence that Woods was drunk or under the influence of drugs the day of the accident.

•Elin Woods told officers she heard her husband’s accident, jumped onto a golf cart and went looking for wreckage.

•Officers calculated the golfer’s speed at 29 to 37 mph.

Curious that Tiger was driving at such a high speed out of his driveway — one might think he was trying to make a getaway.

Most disturbing was the hospital’s behavior when officers tried to procure records the afternoon of the crash, but were told the records department was closed and they’d have to return Monday. When they returned, they were told they needed a warrant, but Assistant State Attorney Steve Foster said there was insufficient evidence.

When did hitting bushes, the curb, a fire hydrant and finally a tree 350 feet from your house at 29-37 mph not meet requirements for suspicion of driving under the influence?

Oh, apparently Mark NeJame, Tiger’s defense attorney, told officers he couldn’t figure out the home video system so he couldn’t provide the surveillance footage. I guess it was too difficult for his feeble legal mind to interpret…or something like that.

While the circumstances around the incident are certainly baffling, this is probably the clearest picture we’ll ever get of whatever really happened that night. So, conspiracy theorists keep giving it your best shot.