Tiger Woods Elects Ari Fleischer for Image-Rebuilding
By Stephanie Wei under General

Since the strange unfolding of events after the car crash on November 27, we’ve wondered why Tiger didn’t recruit a PR-savvy guru to help handle the fallout. Well, now, the NY Post is reporting that he’s (finally) hired Ari Fleischer, former presidential adviser to George W. Bush, to devise a plan for his comeback to golf at the Arnold Palmer Invitational:

“They were in his living room this week going over a strategy for how to handle Bay Hill in two weeks,” one source told The Post.

The other source told The Post, “I would be shocked if he didn’t play the Arnold Palmer.”

Since Tiger announced his indefinite leave, many have pinned Bay Hill as the logical date for his return (prep for The Masters, which no one can imagine he’d miss).

The Post also says Palmer has told “close confidants that Woods is definitely playing Bay Hill.” Meanwhile, longtime buddy and fellow Isleworth resident Mark O’Meara declared to the Golf Channel he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Tiger came back at the Tavistock Cup, the two-day exhibition matches which pits pros from Isleworth against the neighboring Lake Nona club.

Back to the curious decision to hire Fleischer who established Ari Fleischer Sports Communications in 2008. He was brought on by Mark McGwire to help repair the shunned hitter’s image after the steroid scandal in 2005. And that obviously went really well. Among Fleischer’s other clients are the NFL, the MLB and, of course, the oft-mocked BCS.

But more important, does this mean we finally know Tiger’s political affiliation?