And the Winner of the Howard Stern Beauty Pageant With Ladies Who Have Boinked Tiger Is…
By Stephanie Wei under General

Alleged Mistress #4 Jamie Jungers. Congrats on being the equivalent of the smartest kid riding the short bus!

Howard Stern held some sort of freak show called Howard Stern’s Mistress Beauty Pageant in his studio on Wednesday. He gathered a group of ladies who allegedly fornicated with Tiger and asked them probing TMI questions. Apparently the former Trashy Lingerie “Trashy Girl” gave the best answers regarding Tiger’s endowment and turn-ons.

Jungers reportedly took home $75,000 and a pretty diamond ring. Meanwhile, Jaimee Grubbs, the former Tool Academy star who played Tiger’s awful voicemail to the world, placed second to win $15,000.

Unfortunately, famed Mistress #1 Rachel Uchitel couldn’t participate because of the settlement agreement she signed with Tiger, sez TMZ. Or maybe she was too busy planning Derek Jeter’s bachelor party in Vegas or something like that.